Upcoming 2018 Projects

Multinewmedia is concluding its third year of podcasting, and planning is already underway for the fourth year in 2018.  While we intend to keep all of the great things that you already love about the show, we're also interested in getting back to our roots and experimenting with projects that push the envelope with both business and consumer electronics.

The world is transforming so rapidly that new tooling is made available every day to simplify previously complex problems.  We're looking for input from our listeners and media partners regarding what types of business technology or general interest projects would be interesting and worthwhile.

Sure, we have our own list of crazy ideas from automated vertical gardens to training delivery innovations, and yes, even a few pretty convincing excuses for playing with drones.  However, we don't live in isolation over here at Multinewmedia, and we'd like your input on what you think may be a worthwhile project for us to embark upon together with you or your business, or just what you'd like to see us do on our own for nothing but giggles.

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