Our Podcast Isn't Ending


Chase Raz

September 21, 2020

So... About That Ending

I announced back on 04 February 2019 on my Chase Raz Blog that the Multinewmedia Podcast was coming to an end.  Then I brought the news here to Multinewmedia in Episode 110 where I announced that there would only be 10 more episodes of the podcast which has enjoyed a four-year run.

Does any of that sound familiar? It's exactly how a post from 2019 started that I titled, "Our Podcast is Ending". Except, now, in late-2020 (and moving into 2021)... it's no longer true.

The End Was Somewhat Accurate

There is some truth to what I¬†said before: the "old" Multinewmedia is gone. We've left behind our days of building out the web platform and podcast distribution ourselves (and Blogger... remember those early days‚ÄĹ). We're cycling co-hosts, and bringing a sense of revitalized purpose. As first alluded to in Episode 100, we're fully committed to helping you and your business succeed through the use of technology, and we're letting go of simply geeking out. (Except for Nerd Out November! It's the closest thing we have to a cult classic.)

With the new Multinewmedia.com website live in beta‚ÄĒand having successfully fought off the urge to rename everything Multinewmedia New‚ÄĒthe blog, the podcast, and now YouTube videos will begin making their way to you at somewhat irregular intervals as I¬†reestablish my footing as host of the show, and as I¬†build up an excellent group of co-hosts, guests, and contributors. No matter who we bring in, remember that you're still the most important part of our team, and that your success is crucial to our mission.

I Can't Even Quit Properly

At least, this is the way I think about it. Back in 2018, I realized I had nothing to say... or so I thought. But the longer I went without saying anything, and the more conversations that popped up with excellent value, the more I realized it is important to bring these conversations to you. At the end of the day, we're all just trying to accomplish things, and knowing what technology is out there, where to get it, how to use it, and ultimately how to deploy it in the service of a better life, is what brings us together.