Our Podcast is Ending


Chase Raz

February 24, 2019

The Multinewmedia Podcast is Ending.

I announced back on 04 February 2019 on my Chase Raz Blog that the Multinewmedia Podcast was coming to an end.  Then I brought the news here to Multinewmedia in Episode 110 where I announced that there would only be 10 more episodes of the podcast which has enjoyed a four-year run.

Don't Tune Out Yet

Don't start tuning us out just yet, because these next 10 episodes are going to be great.  Some will be deliver more of the same content that made you first fall in love with Multinewmedia, and others will be more innovative and boundary-pushing in terms of our format and content scope.  Either way, I think we're in for a wild ride finishing Season 2018 here in 2019.  Yeah, that's now a thing we're doing.

There is a Future

Certainly don't plan on tuning us out in the future, either.  As you can imagine, I already have something in mind for Multinewmedia.  We're not sticking around, but we're not going away either.  For now, there's no news, but stay tuned to the podcast (what remains of it) and this blog and we'll update you as soon as anything becomes official.