Disney Research Creates a Wireless Charging Room

You may not often associate Mickey Mouse with research and development, but Disney Research has been truly busy over the past several years. They've developed a 3D printer for fabric, innovated RFID applications, and has most recently created the first room that can wirelessly charge devices.

Power is transmitted through the aluminum room using magnetic waves generated by a copper pole in a system Disney refers to as quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR). Devices require a special radio to receive the energy waves and charge batteries, but multiple videos posted by Disney Research show common items such as smartphones and desktop fans being easily retrofit to include such technology.

Disney Research, based in Pittsburgh, P.A., and Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in 2008 to honor the innovative spirit of Walt Disney. Disney Research cites the innovations of Walt Disney and his companies as inspiration for the existence of the research labs. Disney--the company and the man--were previously associated with cutting edge technologies through the development of the multiplanar camera, audio-animatronics, Circle Vision 360, and Phantasound.

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