Site migration is underway for 2017.

Throughout 2016, I embarked upon a part-time journey to build a new Multinewmedia website.  The site is a perpetual work-in-progress and a never-ending project, but the launch version is making its way to the Interwebs as I write this post!

With the help of RCR Business Ventures, our parent company, we'll be migrating to the new site at the start of December 2016.  Migration is expected to take anywhere between one and three days, depending on: DNS propagation times; last minute production tests; and the frequency in which we get distracted by utter nonsense.

Until the new site is live, the legacy Blogger site will be available as to not interrupt the ability to listen to the Multinewmedia podcast or read our ever-neglected blog.

Some information about the new site.

The new site was a labor of love.  I built the property from the ground up, coding by hand on a part-time basis for the vast majority of 2016.  The new site--called Version 2017 for obvious reasons--uses no external frameworks or libraries, and only minimal third party tooling, such as Font Awesome and, of course, Google Analytics.  In other words, I built this sucker by hand just to be a true craftsman of the 21st century... to demonstrate the possibilities, to understand the difficulties, and to hopefully inspire others to undertake seemingly foolish projects that offer great experiences and rewards.

During the development process, I built both a rudimentary CSS library (UI) and an extremely basic JavaScript library (UX) to power the new site.  I also hand coded the site's backend in PHP and front-end structure in HTML5, as one might expect  The eschewing of existing frameworks wasn't so much of a "screw you" to the established tech world, but rather a confidence building pursuit that was equal parts agony and zen.

The process has been grueling, and I'm sure that a multitude of failures will spring forth from my work as it moves to production, but the experience and knowledge that it brings is worth every bit of struggle.  Here's to doing things that other people think are silly and pointless!  Here's to empowering ourselves to fulfill our visions!  I hope you enjoy the new site.

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