The New Multinewmedia Site is Live

At 12:30 P.M. EST on 6 December 2016 our site migration was completed. During the process, we moved away from Blogger and onto our own custom-developed site that was built from the ground up exclusively to fit our needs.

Throughout the remainder of December 2016, we will continue to identify and correct any errors as well as move our limited archive of blog posts--dating back to 2012--to the new site.

As bug fixes occur, we'll update this post and provide notification below.

Known Issues

- Slow menu slide reported on some devices

Resolved Issues

- Font degradation corrected for aesthetics (12/08/16 @ 15:18EST)
- Podcast profile image missing for Episode 54 and 56 (res. 12/12/16 @ 10:30EST)
- Show notes download appears on podcast pages, even if show notes aren't available (res. 01/10/17 @ 12:35EST)

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